Step into a nostalgic oasis with the Spring Summer cocktail launch, a tribute to the iconic libations of the 90s reimagined with a contemporary twist. Inspired by the remix culture of the era, the cocktails marry sophistication with a touch of retro charm, inviting guests to indulge in a journey through time.

The visual identity and creative direction draw inspiration from classic dance music records of the 90s, crafting a dynamic atmosphere. The photoshoot, directed to showcase each drink in its prime, are captured with crisp, sharp imagery that accentuates the sophosticated glassware and delicate garnishes.

The creative campaign extends its reach to Ministry members through a multifaceted approach, including fly posters, email marketing, and social media content. At the launch event, industry experts are invited to savour the innovative flavours. Designed as vinyl sleeves, the bespoke cocktail menu features a the detailed descriptions and stunning photography, offering guests a tactile experience that complements the sensory campaign.

Photography credit: Beau Gervais